This training was established specifically for organizations who take seriously the need for instruction on reverse mortgages. They want to equip their advisors with the necessary knowledge and skill-set to advise on incorporating Housing Wealth in retirement income planning. The program will:

  • Equip advisors for their fiduciary obligations while protecting the liability of the firms they represent.
  • Make advisors keenly aware of the legal, ethical and moral do’s and don’ts during the advising phase.
  • Provide the necessary skills to understand what the HECM Reverse Mortgage is, how it works, when it is appropriate, and when it’s not.
  • Prepare advisors to consider how the HECM Reverse Mortgage fits within all dimensions of the financial elements that must be examined when advising clients.
  • Endow advisors with a series of strategies for incorporating the HECM Reverse Mortgage in their clients' retirement income plans.

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